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The IELTS Prize is awarded to high-calibre individuals with the motivation to develop their career, to pursue a high school, foundation programme, international year one, undergraduate, postgraduate degree in any chosen discipline in an educational institution that accepts IELTS as part of its admission requirements in the UK. While the IELTS Prize is not aimed at students in any one particular discipline, the Study UK is eager to support test takers who demonstrate the potential to contribute to society with what they have gained from their study experience.


The organizer, Study UK

Study UK is a Turkish educational consultancy service provider which helps students who want to study at institutions in the United Kingdom, including language schools, high schools, foundation programmes, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Study UK has also gained an exceptional reputation as an IELTS Registration Centre in Turkey within just one year. It also acts as an IELTS Teacher Training preparation centre, guiding EFL Teachers on teaching methods for IELTS.

Study UK’s partnership with the British Council provides candidates with an easy journey from preparing to registering for the IELTS test. The excellent coordination between the British Council and Study UK enables a smooth test registration experience for candidates.

The IELTS teacher training programme delivered by the Teacher Training Department at Study UK improves the IELTS teaching experience of teachers. The IELTS Teacher Training Certificate provided by the British Council and Study UK is well-known in over 100 countries and across many institutions. Teachers from Turkey are happy to take this programme as it helps them to find jobs easier and earn more compared to their peers. Most important of all students who want to take IELTS to prefer our teachers who have taken the IELTS trainer certificate. IELTS teachers benefit from opportunities provided by Study UK and the British Council. In addition, the British Council supports our teachers with free teacher training webinars every month. We are very happy to train teachers for IELTS in Turkey.

In 2021, we are running the IELTS Prize programme with the cooperation of the British Council for IELTS candidates in Turkey. We are looking forward to working with the British Council on this and many other projects in the near future.

Founder of Study UK

Çağlayan Atasoy

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