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Why Sponsorship?

  • To aim for the people who would like to study abroad by taking the IELTS exam with IELTS Prize Programme. 

  • To have the opportunity to advertise the institutions based in England to the people which these institutions aim at. 

  • To be a part of research and development activities in the education sector in England. 

  • To increase brand awareness and to empower the brand image. 

  • To become visible by becoming a local supporter. 

  • To be a supporter of a prize programme sponsored by the British Council. 

  • To have the chance to advertise your brand to the targeted people by IELTS Prize Programme which will be conducted each year. 

  • To increase the recognition of your brand by activities that will take place regularly. 

  • To support the brand communication with the systematic media strategy conducted by British Council. 

  • To guide the choices of students and to improve student loyalty. 

  • Announce the opportunities and the scholarships of your brand on the page of the IELTS Prize(The scholarships included in the IELTS Prize Programme)


Official Sponsor

British Council

Study UK Renkli Kare.png

Prize Sponsor

Study UK

Cranfield University Logo kare.png


Cranfield University

Up to £40,000 toward tuition fees.

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