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Sponsorship Proposal, Turkey

Study UK is a Turkey/United Kingdom-based company that has offered Educational Consultancy Service for over 4 years. We are dedicated to helping students who would like to study language school, high school, and university in the UK. We believe that a strategic partnership with your educational institution at IELTS Prize will be mutually beneficial to both of our corporations

Study UK?

Study UK is a Turkish educational consultancy service provider which helps students who want to study at institutions in the United Kingdom, including language schools, high schools, foundation programmes, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Study UK has also gained an exceptional reputation as an IELTS Registration Centre in Turkey within just one year. It also acts as an IELTS Teacher Training preparation centre, guiding EFL Teachers on teaching methods for IELTS.

Study UK’s partnership with the British Council provides candidates with an easy journey from preparing to registering for the IELTS test. The excellent coordination between the British Council and Study UK enables a smooth test registration experience for candidates.

The IELTS teacher training programme delivered by the Teacher Training Department at Study UK improves the IELTS teaching experience of teachers. The IELTS Teacher Training Certificate provided by the British Council and Study UK is well-known in over 100 countries and across many institutions. Teachers from Turkey are happy to take this programme as it helps them to find jobs easier and earn more compared to their peers. Most important of all students who want to take IELTS prefer our teachers who have taken the IELTS trainer certificate. IELTS teachers benefit from opportunities provided by Study UK and the British Council. In addition, the British Council supports our teachers with free teacher training webinars every month. We are very happy to train teachers for IELTS in Turkey.

In 2021/22, we are running the IELTS Prize programme with the cooperation of the British Council for IELTS candidates in Turkey. We are looking forward to working with the British Council on this and many other projects in the near future.

Founder of Study UK

Çağlayan Atasoy

IELTS Prize?

Study UK would like to propose that you come in as a sponsor for IELTS Prize. IELTS Prize is awarded to high-calibre individuals with the motivation to develop their career, to pursue a high school, foundation programme, international year one, undergraduate, postgraduate degree in any chosen discipline in an educational institution that accepts IELTS as part of its admission requirements in the UK. While the IELTS Prize is not aimed at students in any one particular discipline, the Study UK is eager to support test takers who demonstrate the potential to contribute to society with what they have gained from their study experience. IELTS Prize will be occurring between 15.09.2021 and 15.07.2022. As you are in the education sector, we feel that you would be a great fit and IELTS Prize would be an outstanding opportunity to raise your brand’s awareness.

Application Timeline

The process of selecting IELTS Award winners takes approximately three months from the application deadline. Review the table below for an overview of the application and selection process and important dates to note.


The application opens.

Award applications open at 9 am. Submit your application online. 

Apply now.

The application is closed.

Applications close at 6 p.m. Turkish time. Late submissions will not be considered. Please do not wait until the last minute to submit your application, as we anticipate heavy traffic on the application portal on the last day of the application period.

15 JULY 2022

The shortlist is explained.

We will announce the shortlist of eligible applicants based on the motivation letter and inform them of interview dates. Get some inspiration from past winners to prepare for the interview.



Notification to the winning student

Winners of the IELTS awards will be notified via email. The winner must accept the prize offer within one week.


Letter of acceptance


The winning student must submit a Letter of Acceptance from the host educational institution by September 9, 2022.


Your educational journey begins.

The educational journey of the winning student begins. Study UK  and as British Council IELTS Ambassadors, the winner will inspire other individuals in the Middle East and Europe region to follow their dreams!


What sponsorship of IELTS Prize can do for you:

As a featured sponsor, your institution would be prominently featured towards students of an estimated 100.000, many of whom are part of your target market. As you can see from the nature of IELTS Prize, it is clearly apparent how your institution will benefit from this relationship:


  • To aim for the people who would like to study in the UK by taking the IELTS test with IELTS Prize Programme. 

  • To have the opportunity to advertise the institutions based in the UK to the people which these institutions aim at. 

  • To be a part of research and development activities in the education sector in the UK.

  • To increase brand awareness and to empower the brand image. 

  • To become visible by becoming a local supporter. 

  • To be a supporter of a prize programme sponsored by the British Council. 

  • To have the chance to advertise your brand to the targeted people by IELTS Prize Programme which will be conducted each year. 

  • To increase the recognition of your brand by activities that will take place regularly. 

  • To support the brand communication with the systematic media strategy conducted by British Council. 

  • To guide the choices of students and to improve student loyalty. 

  • Announce the opportunities and the scholarships of your brand on the page of the IELTS Prize (The scholarships included in the IELTS Prize Programme)

IELTS Prize Target Audience

  • 16-35 years old students for High School and University (Graduate, Foundation year, International Year One, Postgraduate)

  • IELTS test-takers

Event Purpose

The IELTS Prize started because we decided the best way to reach the target students is to engage the students. Since we just announced the IELTS Prize, it has helped to grow interested to study in the UK.

We have come a long way, but we still need your support. Your generous contribution will help students to be interested IELTS Prize. Therefore, students will have a chance to study at your institution.

How do we promote?

Mailing and SMS

Everyone who takes the British Council IELTS test will be encouraged to participate in the IELTS Prize program via mailing and SMS.

Invitation letter & Printed promotional materials

Free Invitations are available in areas where the target audience is dense, at universities, colleges, shopping centres, language courses and at the busiest points of the city; It is distributed for 1 month. The poster is announced in outdoor and digital applications. Also, the announcements will be announced to the entire target audience through the Ministry of National Education and the Presidency Talent Gate in Turkey.

Internet promotion

In line with current trends, the target audience is reached through social media and content providers, and promotional activities are also supported by social media phenomena that match the target audience.

Radio Promotion

Advertising cooperation is made with the most listened national and local radios in Turkey, which lasts for 1 week before the deadline.

Radio channels are selected periodically according to their listening rates.

Sponsorship Packages


Official Sponsor: British Council

Prize Sponsor: Study UK

Gold Sponsor/ £3500

  • Sponsor logo in printed promotional materials

  • Sponsor logo on British Council/Study UK mailings (Mailing to a targeted audience who take IELTS Test)

  • Sponsor logo on IELTS Prize websites (, )

  • Sponsor logo in letters sent to applicants' private addresses

  • Sponsor post on IELTS Prize and Study UK social media accounts

  • Opportunity to give seminars/webinars at British Council and Study UK events

  • Sponsor's name and logo in the announcements made through the Ministry of National Education and Presidency Talent Gate

  • Promote sponsor in social media ads, Google, Youtube

Bronze Sponsor/ £2750

  • Sponsor logo in printed promotional materials

  • Sponsor logo on IELTS Prize websites (, )

  • Sponsor post on IELTS Prize and Study UK social media accounts

  • Opportunity to give seminars/webinars at British Council and Study UK events

  • Sponsor's name and logo in the announcements made through the Ministry of National Education and Presidency Talent Gate

  • Promote sponsors in social media ads

Silver Sponsor/ £2000

  • Sponsor logo in printed promotional materials

  • Sponsor logo on IELTS Prize websites (, )

  • Sponsor post on IELTS Prize and Study UK social media accounts

  • Sponsor's name and logo in the announcements made through the Ministry of National Education and Presidency Talent Gate

Green Sponsor/ £1250

Blue Sponsor/ £750

  • Sponsor logo on IELTS Prize websites

  • Publish your courses and scholarships on IELTS Prize websites

Scholarships for students who apply IELTS Prize / As you wish

  • Sponsor logo on IELTS Prize websites (, )

  • Opportunity to present your institution and courses

  • Introduce your scholarships for IELTS Prize candidates

Emailing/ £750

  • Participants who register for the IELTS Prize will be sent an e-mail or electronic flyer. This option is available for IELTS Prize sponsors and has the effect of increasing the chances of registration.



IELTS Prize, Global Coordinator: Çağlayan Atasoy,

Whatsapp: +44 7733089506




Interviews for the award


Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed by the Study UK Senior Advisory Board for the IELTS Award.

Applications are open
September 15, 2021 - July 15, 2022

Be the winner of the IELTS Prize!

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